The Lesson of the Golden Calf

by Anna Sklyarsky There’s a lot of debate happening in this country right now about the proper balance of religious subjects being taught in public schools.  Evolution was not allowed to be taught until laws like the Butler Act were struck down by the Supreme Court in 1968 (Epperson v. Arkansas) under the Establishment Clause … Continue reading

Slavery’s half truths made whole

By Thomas Nash There are many things which we learn about regarding slavery which are true:  It was legal to own a slave in some of the States.  Many of our Founders owned slaves.  Many slaves were treated poorly to say the least.  Slavery was and is in direct conflict with everything that United States … Continue reading

Why we have the government we deserve

By Thomas Nash Many Americans have become politically apathetic.  Many consider themselves “apolitical” or they are simply uninterested in the goings on around DC.  This is at the core of much of the troubles our republic is currently facing. There are four sentiments which we have found to be the most destructive.  These sentiments are … Continue reading

Cruising Down the Road to Serfdom

By Thomas Nash Whether Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, we all must agree that the world is suffering economically.  This does not seem to be a source of debate in this country anyway.  No, here we debate over how we got to this point, as if suddenly proving beyond a shadow of a doubt … Continue reading

Race-baiting in black and W%*te

By Thomas Nash The rally on 8/28 was meant to and did reflect a feeling that for too long Americans have been divided on everything from politics to religion to racial issues.  The goal was to show the world that we can unite peacefully under the simple banners of God and country.   This message was … Continue reading

James Lee and the Myth of Overpopulation

By Thomas Nash Yesterday, an armed and disturbed leftist named James Jay Lee entered the Discovery Channel office building in Silver Spring, Maryland and held employees hostage for hours until he was ultimately fatally shot.  As he stated in his “manifesto”, Lee was protesting what he saw as irresponsible programming by TLC, which is part … Continue reading

Restoring Honor: Man’s next giant leap

By Thomas Nash Washington, D.C. 8/28/2010 Given the mystery surrounding the event organized by Glenn Beck, Anna and I had no idea what to expect. We were certain of only a few things: There would be a tremendous number of people Those people would be peaceful, patriotic Americans of all generations, races, religions and backgrounds … Continue reading

Restorationaries go to Washington

We’ll be down in D.C for the Restoring Honor Rally.  Look for us wearing the “I am a Restorationary” T-shirts.  We’re looking forward to standing with thousands (millions maybe?) of people to restore American values.  Check back for pictures and videos from the Rally. See you there!

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