Race-baiting in black and W%*te

By Thomas Nash The rally on 8/28 was meant to and did reflect a feeling that for too long Americans have been divided on everything from politics to religion to racial issues.  The goal was to show the world that we can unite peacefully under the simple banners of God and country.   This message was … Continue reading

Restoring Honor: Man’s next giant leap

By Thomas Nash Washington, D.C. 8/28/2010 Given the mystery surrounding the event organized by Glenn Beck, Anna and I had no idea what to expect. We were certain of only a few things: There would be a tremendous number of people Those people would be peaceful, patriotic Americans of all generations, races, religions and backgrounds … Continue reading

Restorationaries go to Washington

We’ll be down in D.C for the Restoring Honor Rally.  Look for us wearing the “I am a Restorationary” T-shirts.  We’re looking forward to standing with thousands (millions maybe?) of people to restore American values.  Check back for pictures and videos from the Rally. See you there!

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